I am a South African-born Australian artist living in Queensland, the Sunshine State of Australia. My art journey only started recently and, working in the accounting industry, it came as a surprising gift to me.

My life could be summed up by the Japanese saying - “I am what I am because of you.”

  • I am a mother because of my two daughters;
  • I am a friend because of my relationships with other people;
  • I am an artist because I am compelled by your desire for hope, peace and joy to create beauty and words, to take us beyond our everyday experiences, to be a pebble in the pool of emotions, to create positive thoughts which lead to positive actions.
  • These art works are part of the body of work called “Collaboration of Emotions”. My inspiration was from the 9 emotions; gratefulness, kindness, patience, empathy, forgiveness, passion, optimism, calmness, and curiosity. My artwork are mainly acrylic abstract works, and some multi media pieces using watercolour and inks.

    My hope is that you can feel and experience the emotions captured by these artworks and collection of words. Please be encouraged to see the beauty in each day and in each person you meet along the way. Thereby giving your soul a breather from the onslaught of every day pressures.