Where do you ship?

We ship (basically) anywhere in the world. Note that there may be certain countries that prove to be difficult to ship to due to different circumstances, so in the rare event we are unable to ship, you will be refunded in full.

How long will shipping take?

Typically, shipping will take anywhere between 7-10 business days for Australian orders, and 10-14 business days for international orders.

Shipping within Australia is free, and shipping is calculated at checkout for international orders.

Do you have express shipping?

Not yet, however we are working to implement express shipping ASAP!

Do I have to pay taxes/duties?

In Australia, GST will be included in the purchase of every item.

Outside of Australia, you may be required to pay a certain amount of tax or duty depending on the country (e.g. VAT in European countries), and this is determined by local customs.

For further information, please locate the relevant customs information for your country.

Which currency does the store operate in?

As the store is based in Australia, all prices are in AUD unless otherwise specified. Exchange rates, international tax and shipping are calculated and checkout.

Are the images on the site full quality?

No. Images on the site are compressed due to the original file then being accessible to the general public. The full quality file is available only on the prints and reproductons.

Are you going to have anything else apart from prints available on the store?

In the future, yes. I am focusing on just prints for now, but plan to expand the available products sometime.

Are limited prints ever going to be remade once they run out?

Once a collection of prints run out, they will only be available in the small size. Medium and large, as well as acrylic gallery reproductions, are limited only to the initial launch of each product.